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Apart from an island with wonderful history, picturesque villages and unique beaches, Milos offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy various activities. The summer holidays in Milos are unforgettable with the organization of sea excursions, day and afternoon beaches, where access is by boat only.

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Adamas Port hosts the catamarans, which is ready to take you around Milos, to the enchanting Kleftiko and the neighboring island of Kimolos. Sailing could not be missed as an activity. There are special boats for day trips to Milos. For lovers of the seabed, fully equipped diving is a fascinating experience.

The rich undiscovered seabed of Milos grips you in every dive with images of shells, fish and shellfish. If you still want to get to know the land, then the options are walking, jogging and rock climbing.

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The roads of Milos are also waiting to be explored. By renting a car you can easily, quickly move around and get to know the whole island in a short period of time.

Get ready for unique adventures and memories on the island of Milos.

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